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About BG

Second Bloom is based out of Austin, TX.

We're a full service floral preservation studio offering preserved floral art and preservation services for special event flowers.


We use a desiccant preservation method which takes anywhere from one to four weeks to prepare flowers.

The entire preservation and design process takes anywhere from one to three months, depending on the project.



Flowers may undergo some color change in the process: reds and pink colors may deepen and white flowers will become creamy. 


We recommend keeping all dried and preserved flowers out of direct sunlight, and out of environments with significant humidity or rapid changes in temperature.

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My name is Taylor and I began Second Bloom in 2019 in my lifelong home of Austin, TX.

The work I do with flowers is a result of a physical disability that led me to create a business I could run out of my home studio.

For me, floral preservation is a response to a floral industry that is excessively wasteful and ecologically unsustainable.

I hope to highlight the beauty of local flowers and the work of small-scale farmers in the regenerative agriculture and Slow Flowers movements whenever possible.

My hope is that through the practice of floral preservation and long-lasting flowers,

we can make flowers more accessible, and appreciate them more deeply,

for much longer.

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